increase property value with Traditional Timber Sash Windows

Increase property value with Timber Windows

Increase property value with Timber Windows

It’s a fact! Timber Windows are proven to increase property value and the cost of this refurbishment is surprisingly lower than you would expect!

If you purchase your Timber windows from a supplier and then hire a carpenter or window fitter to install them the price of the total refurbishment would be lower than if you requested a large national windows company to supply and fit them for you.


Extensive research has gone into finding out if Timber Sash and Casement windows increase the value a property. This is Money confirm this in the below article about six home improvement tips to add value to your home.

Timber Sash windows can make a property look breath taking!

The price of Timber sash windows is a lot lower than you ever thought, find out yourself by requesting a quote today.