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How to measure for a timber sash window.

Traditional timber sliding sash windows are fitted into a reveal or recess in the brick work, both the sides & across the head (top of the window). There is NO recess at the bottom of the window, the hardwood sills are designed to sit on a flat surface. When ordering a timber sash window, you […]


Meranti is a versatile hardwood timber suited to a range of projects where aesthetic beauty is a priority.  Whether your latest creation looks like a window frame, moulding, piece of furniture or general joinery job, this straight-grain wood is a hardwearing and easy to work with choice that can be machined, sanded and finished beautifully. With straight-grain […]

What does obscure glass mean?

Obscure glass can be any one of dozens of types of glass, each set apart from ordinary glass due to their partial lack of transparency. Obscure glass of any sort distorts or obscures the items on the other side of the glass, whether this is by using textures or patterns. Obscure glass ranges from only […]

Timber Windows with Argon

Why Are Double-Glazed Windows Filled with Argon? When it comes to energy efficiency, windows are notoriously vulnerable.  Given a chance, they’ll drain the heat out of your home and into the great outdoors, far faster than brickwork and doors. Thankfully, certain types of Timber window offer considerable protection against this loss of heat.  Of these, […]

Timber Sash Window – Horns

Window horns were originally used in timber sash windows to strengthen the window’s structure. They supported the mortice and tenon joints and prevented the sashes from opening too far and becoming jammed. As the Victorian period progressed, architects wanted to use increasingly larger glass panes. Without the glazing bars, a new method of support was […]

Timber Window Glossary

Antique Glass – Generally refers to the process of flat glass production using the traditional mouth-blown method. The sheets produced are of modest size but are large enough for most restoration works. Casement Window – Generic name for a window that has openers which are hung on hinges, at the side – usually metal or […]

What is Low-E Glass?

Ordinarily, glass will allow solar energy to pass from one side of the Timber window to the other.  This includes the relatively narrow spectrum of visible wavelengths, as well as those higher and lower wavelengths (known respectively as infra-red and ultra-violet light). This is bad news! Ultraviolet light has a habit of bleaching materials it […]