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Timber Window Glossary

Antique Glass – Generally refers to the process of flat glass production using the traditional mouth-blown method. The sheets produced are of modest size but are large enough for most restoration works. Casement Window – Generic name for a window that has openers which are hung on hinges, at the side – usually metal or […]

What is Low-E Glass?

Ordinarily, glass will allow solar energy to pass from one side of the Timber window to the other.  This includes the relatively narrow spectrum of visible wavelengths, as well as those higher and lower wavelengths (known respectively as infra-red and ultra-violet light). This is bad news! Ultraviolet light has a habit of bleaching materials it […]

Engineered Softwood Timber Windows

Educate yourself about the engineered softwood used to manufacture Timber Windows Softwood Engineered Timber Windows This is the only softwood that we recommend using as it is ‘engineered’. This is a process where several pieces of softwood are glued together with opposing grain directions to form a single ‘laminated’ piece, this in turn leads to a very […]

Timber Windows – London

Timber Windows are an exquisite feature of any modern-day London property. The period properties found in this area of the country are iconic with their large Timber Sash Windows and the history of them is rather grand. Timber Sash windows are first believed to have been used in the late 17th century. Earlier than this […]

The Painting Process of Timber Windows

Timber Windows are preserved, painted and finished in 5 stages: Stage 1) The first Chemical preservation stage is completed by direct dipping of the timber window into the preservative solution to protect against moisture absorption. Stage 2) The second Chemical preservation stage is completed by direct dipping of the timber window into the preservative solution […]

Timber Windows Online

Obtaining a quote for Timber Windows has never been easier. The old method of contacting a window company to attend your property and measure up whist providing you there highly polished sales pitch is now redundant in our opinion! Online sales of everything has taken a huge leap in recent years and buying timber windows […]

Timber Windows and FENSA Certificates

Timber Windows and FENSA Certificates. When do you need a FENSA certificate? We often get asked by our customers if we can supply a FENSA certificate when supplying Timber Windows. There seems to be some confusion over what FENSA actually is, plus how it is relevant to works being carried out in your home. Even […]

Trickle Vent or no Trickle Vent?

Do we add a Trickle Vent that is the question? The use of a Trickle Vent is often pondered over for a considerable period of time. Some people consider them an addition to a window that is not astetically pleasing but it may be essential! Here at Timber Windows Direct we manufacture our windows with […]